Screen Inks
Spectrum Colour card Colour matches from 1 Litre/KgAlthough our ink ranges cover most substrates, we can reformulate to obtain better adhesion in our onsite Research and Development.
SPECTRA VINYL GLOSS & MATT  -  Self adhesive vinyl’s and coated Polyesters, Rigid PVC, ABS, CAB.  (for PETG use Spectra-Ply)
Thinning & Coverage - SPECTRA VINYL GLOSS & MATT inks should be thinned with SVT Thinner 11011 up to 30%. For detail work or printing in hot conditions use a SVR Retarder 11012. For printing Rigid PVC use our SPRVT Rigid Vinyl Thinner.  Using a 100T  Mesh and thinning 25% an approximate coverage of 70 m2/ltr may be expected. 
Drying - Solvent evaporation, air drying.  
Cleaning – Use our Universal Screenwash. 
CORRI-KEY  - A wide range of substrates such as Fluted Board, Correx, Coated Polypropylene, Coated Polyester, Rigid PVC, ABS, CAB, Polycarbonates
Thinning & Coverage- CORRI-KEY inks should be thinned using  the CVT Thinner 11035 . For detail work and/or printing in hot conditions use CVR Retarder 11034.  
Drying - Solvent evaporation, air drying. Cleaning - We recommend Universal Screenwash or Screenwash Extra for cleaning screens and equipment.   
NYLO-KEY  -  Nylon, Clothing , Umbrellas, Boat Sails and Leather.  
Thinning - NYLO-KEY inks can be thinned up to 30% using NKT Thinner 11020.  For detail work use NKR Retarder 11021.  A 55 T mesh may have to be used for opacity.
Drying – Solvent evaporation, air drying. Cleaning – Use our Universal Screenwash 
SPECTRA 2PAC  -   Most plastics, Glass, Metals (coated or uncoated), Wood, Chipboard, Many Laminates,  Hardboard & Printed Circuit Boards.
Mixing Catalysts  - SPECTRA 2PAC is a 2 - pack system. At temperatures up to about 20°C the mixture will remain printable for about 8 hours. Always stir the catalyst thoroughly before mixing with the colours.  Mixing ratios vary according to the catalyst selected.
Mixing ratios by weight;   Gloss Catalyst      Matt Catalyst.     Flexible Catalyst
Colours                             5 : 1                       3 : 1                        2 : 1
Metallic s                               3 : 1                           1 : 1                         1 : 1
These ratios can be varied according to individual needs.
Thinning & Coverage –   SPECTRA 2PAC inks can be thinned up to 20% with a SPECTRA 2PAC Thinner 11011 and/or SPECTRA 2PAC  Retarder 11012.
Drying -                   Dry by stoving for best results.
Stoving Timings
Metals & Glass           10 minutes @ 130°C      approx                         
Plastics                       15 minutes @ 80°C - 90°C       approx
Cleaning – We would recommend our 11018,  Screenwash extra cleaning screens.
SPECTRAFILM  Coated Papers, Posters, Art Paper, Display Boards, Wood, & Hardboard.  
Thinning & Coverage - SPECTRAFILMinks can be thinned up to 30% with Thinner 11030 SFT, or for detail work, Retarder 11031 SFR.  
Drying -Drying is by evaporation.  Cleaning – Use our Universal Screenwash or Screenwash Extra for cleaning screens and equipment.   
These recommendations are to assist you and do not amount to a guarantee
Never start a print run without first doing a test print
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